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                                     **** TERMINATOR PRO arm wrestling / training machine****                 price $3500 plus shipping (gym model)

       My TERMINATOR PRO machine  ( GYM MODEL shown above and in pictures) has many unique features that no other machine in the World has. It takes arm wrestling training to a whole new level. These features will make the rest of the arm wrestling machines on the market seem like there out of the stone age. I just want to take you to the highest level in training. This is a science for me when it comes to designing these machines. Now for the quick description. Even though you are performing one exercise, you are actaully using 3 different muscle groups. Now when you exercise / train on my new machine you will be using three different weight stacks, one for side pressure, one for hand pressure and one for back pressure and they all work in harmony with each other. The main weight stack for side pressure is 100 pounds, back pressure is 100 pounds and hand pressure is also 100 pounds. This machine is still amazing me on the things it is teaching me about arm wrestling. The static pressure hold feature is another great new innovative tool that arm wrestlers will appreciate. There are many other ways you can use this machine for training, you just need to experiment with it. Even the jackshaft design for the handle is unique to arm wrestling equipment because on this machine you can move your elbow around on the pad as you use it plus you have more natural freedom with arm/hand and were you bring it down to the table, whether you bring it down straight to the side or down to your corner of the table. Plus with this new handle design now when you pull the handle towards you, your side pressure gets easier due to leverage working for you such as when you are actaully pulling someone and you pull his hand towards you which thus makes the leverage in your favor and not in his and now you are stronger on the side pressure and him weaker. This is the first machine I have ever seen that has this, even my earlier machines did not have this. I am proud of this new mechanical idea I created for my Terrminator Pro.  FEATURES: 29 bearings for smoothness, three 100 pound weight stacks, adjustable position elbow pad, static hold feature, right or left hand use, table top 40" high, distance of pad to hand grip is WAF standards, 3 thick rubber rollers with bearings mounted on the front of machine, 11 position pulley for handle,  - - -    more info coming soon.   


* right or left hand

* 29 bearings for smoothness

* Gym quality / heavy duty design

* machine weighs 500+ pounds

* frame is mostly 1/4" solid steel

* frame is welded together not bolted

* three 100 pound weight stacks

* side pressure, back pressure and hand pressure, first of its kind in the World

‚Äč* all three weight stacks work together in harmony while performing one exercise

* 11 positions for side pressure

* side pressure pulley is a cam

* now has safety bar/peg to protect left hand pullers

* now has back pressure stop for better control

* static hold feature, first of its kind in the World

* adjustable position elbow pad

* table 40" high (WAF specs)

* elbow pad to hand grip is correct distance (WAF specs)

* 3 thick rubber rollers with bearings on front of machine

* hand grips spin in bearings

* new square shape handle 1.5"

* 1/8 thick diamond plate

* newly designed jackshaft, correct pivot point for elbow, first of its kind in World

* jackshaft is 1" solid steel, heated first then bent to shape for strength 

* front legs are 2" round steel tubing just like an arm wrestling table

* 9 position quality shock to control rebound of weight stack plus gives more control and improved performance.

* redesigned back pressure stop.

* new design arm stop for left handers.

* each machine is hand made by me

* made in USA

The TERMINATOR PRO as shown above and below is designed for a gym and the pictures above were taken in a gym. This is a heavy duty design and this machine is meant to be used everyday. Presently I am adding a couple of new features to my machine which will enable it to be more appealing to more arm wrestlers. Soon I will have some newer pictures and a newer video.


*** Will be showing soon my newest handle, totally new design for a new kind of work-out for the wrist ***


                                                  YOUTUBE VIDEOS


                                                              TERMINATOR WEIGHT PLATE HANDLE     https://youtu.be/rlwKeGt4h7c

                                              2011         TERMINATOR RING      

                                                     ******  TERMINATOR PRO 2016 video https://youtu.be/flT_m09LegA      *****

                                                               TERMINATOR CABLE HANDLE     https://youtu.be/PA_FERuu380 

                                                               TERMINATOR X  ARM WRESTLING MACHINE   https://youtu.be/BojYRi7cr_o

                                                               TERMINATOR 3D handle     https://youtu.be/2cVDoN1jO2A

                                                               TERMINATOR ARM WRESTLING MACHINE     https://youtu.be/B1ccLy4U_pU

                                                              TERMINATOR ARM WRESTLING TABLE     https://youtu.be/VsOtiy6J64U

                                                               BRZENK vs FISHER (I took it) 2009     https://youtu.be/SOh6pyj9gLE 


          THIS IS MY  "TERMINATOR RING"  I MADE BACK IN 2011.                                                      




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                These will be the handles we will begin to make again we hope to have some made and ready to get shipped in the beginning months of 2021




                                                                             ****  We are beginning to make the handles first  ****   12/26/2020

                                                                               CHANGES COMING SOON

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